Group Photo at the 5th Workshop of CCHF. Dec. 2017

Sunkyu won the TJ Park Posco Science Fellowship, Oct. 2017

Sangbin won the best oral presentation award at Junior ACPICCEOCA-7/Junior ARNCEOCA-3, Lanzhou, China. Oct. 2017

Deokhee, Sangbin, and Sunkyu presented at the 120th KCS Meeting, Gwangju. Oct. 2017

Sangbin won the Daejung Hwageum ACP Junior Award Best Oral Presentation Award,  the 17th KCS Organic Chemistry Division Summer Workshop, Munkyung. Aug. 2017

Sunkyu's Poster Presentation at the Gordon Research Conference (Organic Reactions and Processes). Jul. 2017

Sunkyu's seminar at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, with Professors Sun, Dai, and Tong. Jul. 2017

Group Outing at Jeju Island after the OMCOS 19. Jun. 2017

Group OMCOS 19 participation at Jeju Island. Jun. 2017

Sangbin's KCS Daejeon, Chungnam, Sejong Conference Poster Presentation. May 2017

Deokhee's Korean Chemical Society Assembly (KCS) Oral Presentation. Apr. 2017

Taeho's Farewell Dinner, Apr. 2017.

Cherry Blossom at KAIST, Apr. 2017.

Group Dinner, Mar. 2017.

Group Dinner and Bowling, Dec. 2016.

The 16th Korean Chemical Society Organic Division Summer Workshop at Sokcho. Aug. 2016

Group Outing to the Hanwha Eagles Baseball Game. Jul. 2016

Cherry Blossom at KAIST, Apr. 2016

Group Pictures After the Group Dinner, Dec. 2015. 

Group Picture at Muju, Nov. 2015.

Cherry Blossom at KAIST, Apr. 2015.  

Group Bowling, Feb. 2015.
Nov. 2014, at Deokyu Mt.  
Group Pictures at Deokyu Mt., Nov. 2014.