CH437 Structure Determination and Comprehension of Organic Molecules

Instructor: 한순규 (Sunkyu Han,

Class: MW 13:00-14:30

Classroom: Building E6-4, Room# 3130

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Office Hours: Mon 14:30~16:00, Wed 14:30~16:00

Teaching Assistant: Taewan Kim (김태완,

Course Description:

-   Modern spectroscopic techniques used for structure elucidation of organic compounds and spectral data analysis techniques will be discussed.

-   Lectures on natural products biosynthesis and structure determination will be given at the end of the course.

-   This course is specifically designed for those who will be actually practicing the structure determination of organic molecules for his/her research project.


-       Major contents of the course will be introduced via PPT lecture slides.

Supplementary Textbooks:

-   “Organic Structural Spectroscopy” International 2nd Edition, J. B. Lambert, S. Grone, H. F. Shurvell, D. A. Lightner, Pearson.

-   “Organic Structure Determination Using 2-D NMR Spectroscopy: A Problem-Based Approach” by Jeffrey H. Simpson (Textbook with many NMR problems).

-   “Organic Chemistry” 2nd Edition, J. Clayden, N. Greeves, S. Warren, Oxford

-   "Medicinal Natural Products: A Biosynthetic Approach" 3rd edition by Paul M. Dewick, Wiley 


Lecture Slides

Lecture slides will be uploaded before each class. 

Questions for Questions

Turn in questions and answers created by yourselves from previous lecture contents..Selected Q4Q will be used as sources for midterm and final exams. +1 Point will be given to those who are selected for qualified Q4Q (approximately 4-5 Q4Q per assignment). 

Questions for Questions Dues:

Due for contents from week 1-2: 10 pm on Sep. 11

Due for contents from week 3-4: 10 pm on Sep. 25

Due for contents from week 5-6: 10 pm on Oct. 11

Due for contents from week 7-10: 10 pm on Nov. 06

Due for contents from week 11-12: 10 pm on Nov. 20

Due for contents from week 12-13: 10 pm on Dec. 04

Grading Policy

Course Participation (including Q4Q plus points): 10

Midterm Exam: 45

Final Exam: 45


Exams Information

Midterm Exam

Date: Oct. 16 (Mon), 2023.

Time: 13:00~16:00.

Venue: E6-4, #3130.

Claim session: Oct. 23 (Mon) right after the class.


Final Exam

Date: Dec. 11 (Mon), 2023.

Time: 12:30~17:00.

Venue: E6-4, #3130.

Claim session: 17:00 PM on Dec. 15 @ E6-4, #3130.

Course Schedule